About us

FOROTECHNIKI OE, Anagnostopoulos M. – Halvatzakis M. was founded in Chania in 1993 and offers integrated services for all types of accounting and tax needs and issues, while has a high degree of expertise in business organisation and economic and technological studies.

Having many years of experience in the field and in-depth knowledge of the subject, our team experts can handle successfully a wide range of accounting, tax, organizational and financial services. The executives’ primary purpose is to identify the most ideal solution for each case-need, which they accomplish by adhering to the principles of responsibility, consistency, honesty, efficiency, and, above all, full professionalism.

The company has and maintains a very high know-how with which it can meet the needs of any individual or any size of business in the best possible way and in the shortest period feasible, thanks to ongoing training of its personnel and investments in modern means and techniques.

Contact FOROTECHNIKI OE for high-quality accounting and tax services, and one of our specialised executives is always available to assist you.


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Tax and Consulting
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Payroll, Labour and Insurance
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Investment and Development
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Internal Audit and Supervision


Tzanakaki 80, Chania. T.K. 73100


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