Payroll Services, Labour and Insurance Issues

Ongoing and significant changes in labour issues and the evolution of wage legislation and insurance issues make it extremely necessary to support companies to avoid mistakes and deviations from labour law.

We have one of the best trained and experienced business support teams in matters of payroll, insurance and labour issues, providing -among other things- services:

  • Payroll issuing and managing.
  • Collection and process of all data regarding the monthly estimation of your payroll, drafting the pay sheets for your company.
  • Creation of an accounting article for the updating of the books of the company.
  • Preparing, drafting, and sending electronically the payment receipts per employee.
  • Drafting and sending files to the bank for the payment of the wages of your employees.
  • Drafting and electronic filing for applying to business service information systems, labour inspectorate and employment agencies, including employee directories, new employments, accusations etc.
  • Inventories for pension funds, supplementary funds, electronic filling of periodic statements.
  • Drafting – filling of the contributions to the funds for main or supplementary insurance.
  • Payroll process for foreign employees or senior executives.
  • Notifications for possible participation of the company in labour subsidy programs.
  • Estimation of staff compensation provisions.
  • Open contact line for support in labour and insurance issues.
  • Direct and timely notification regarding changes in insurance and labour legislation.


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